Improve Your Mandarin Chinese with These Cultural Tips


Improve Your Mandarin Chinese with These 10 Cultural Tips

Today’s guest post comes from the very talented Yang, who has already previously written about Mandarin Chinese on Runaway Daydreamer.

Learning Mandarin Chinese has become an increasingly popular endeavor in recent years, with more people undertaking the challenge every day.

There are as many different reasons to learn Mandarin Chinese as there are people who take up the language.  Some people learn Mandarin Chinese in order to get a new job, a promotion, or a raise.  Some are planning a trip to China or another area where the language is widely spoken.  Some people take up Mandarin Chinese just because they love learning new languages, or perhaps because they enjoy the sound of Mandarin.  Many people take up learning Mandarin Chinese for a combination of reasons.

Just as there are many different reasons for learning Mandarin Chinese, there are many different ways to go about it.  Some people like the flexibility of online classes, while some like the personal interaction of traditional classes.  Some people choose tutoring, while others learn on the go from audio files.

Our mission is to help you learn to speak better Chinese.  We hope these ten do’s and don’ts will help you familiarize yourself with the Chinese culture and provide you some insight into how the culture shapes the language.

It is our opinion that gaining some insight into the Chinese culture will help you deepen your understanding of the Chinese language.  We hope that a greater understanding of the issues relevant to Chinese culture will help improve your understanding of the language.

We hope these tips will spark your interest and get you looking for more tips on how to learn Chinese, or to talk with someone who has been down the road you are now travelling.

Happy learning!


Improve Your Mandarin Chinese with These Cultural Tips

Profile: Yang is a serial web entrepreneur whose latest website is Yang is passionate about learning new languages and cultures.

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