Chi non muore si rivede.

Previously on Runaway Daydreamer…

A brave young woman leaves for France seeking adventure, love and a potion for eternal life.
She wanders through Nice, admiring its beauty, exploring, taking everything in.
She disappears from the web and she doesn’t come back to writing. Until now.


So, yeah, it’s been awhile.

The good news is that I haven’t been eaten by a creepy zombie. Phew, I’m still alive. Yay for me!
The bad news is that I’m not a female leader in a supernatural world…

But I digress.

What the hell have I been up to?

In a few words: university has taken over my life. Completely.

It sounds like a lame excuse, I know. I wish I could tell you that I was in Narnia this whole time. Life’s been pretty hectic since I started my university life and I’m always on the go.

I’m struggling to find some free time but I want to keep this blog thing going.

This is just a quick post but I have an excellent guest post coming for you, so stay tuned!

Is anyone still around?

PS: The title is an old Italian saying which means that you will see again whomever does not die. It’s something like the English expression “Long time no see”.

Chiara Grandola

Hey there! I'm Chiara, also known as Claire on the language learning community. I'm deeply in love with any form of art, different cultures and... guess what?! Yes, languages!

  • Yes, still here. Glad to see you back online!

    I’ve been finding it hard to write regularly too, with my new job, but I’m hoping to get ahead over Christmas. Do you get a long break?

    • Hi Ruth, thank you for being so supportive! Congratulations on your new job! I’m gonna ask something more about it on Twitter!

      Luckily I do get a long break! What about you?

  • Frank B.

    Sono qui! Il mio italiano sia migliore, spero!

    • Ciao Frank! Grazie per essere ancora qui. Sono sicura che il tuo italiano è migliorato! 😉