Birthday Girl!

I’m celebrating today!

23 years have passed since I first began this freaking-crazy adventure that is called life. Time flies. It surely does.

I have 2 years left now to achieve one of my goals, which is to become quadrilingual by the age of 25.
You see, rather than jumping from one language to another, I prefer focusing on one at a time.

I’d rather be able to speak few languages fluently than dabble in numerous ones. That’s just my choice. Not only it is important to learn languages, it is also essential to “maintain” them.
I will always be a learner, like I previously said, so I will always work on my English, French and Spanish skills.  However, I do plan to reach a C2 level in the three of them in the space of 2 years.

I’m at a good point with English, I believe.

I admire people that are able to pick up different languages at the same time.

When it comes to me, however, I have this strong desire to connect deeply with a culture and speak its language as effortlessly as possible. In a few words, I aim to “become a native”.

I’ll share with you every single material that I’ll use to reach that kind of level.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be talking about other languages and cultures. On the contrary, I’ll be posting every single resource that I find useful, engaging and interesting, just like I did with Chinese Cubes not so long ago.

Plus, my mother tongue will have a special place on this blog. I’ve met so many amazing Italian learners since I started it and I don’t want to disappoint them. I have so many special surprises and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

Wait a minute… I’m talking about surprises for you, but today is my birthday! That’s not fair! I want a surprise too! 😛 If you can’t afford buying me this dress, don’t worry, you can still make me happy.

I’m putting lots of effort into this blog so I’d really appreciate if you’d share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whenever you want, an article you enjoyed reading. That would be a wonderful gift for this special occasion.   Oh, and of course a vote for Runaway Daydreamer would make my day!

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Oggi festeggio!

Sono trascorsi 23 anni da quando ho iniziato questa folle, eccitante avventura chiamata vita. Il tempo vola.

Ora ho 2 anni a disposizione per raggiungere uno dei miei obiettivi, che è diventare quadrilingue per quando avrò compiuto 25 anni.

Ecco come stanno le cose: invece che passare da una lingua all’altra, preferisco concentrarmi su una sola alla volta.

Preferisco essere in grado di parlare poche lingue in modo fluente che dilettarmi in molte di esse. È semplicemente una scelta. Non solo è importante imparare bene le lingue, è anche essenziale riuscire a mantenerle attive. Io sarò sempre una studentessa, come ho già detto, e quindi cercherò sempre di migliorare il mio inglese, francese e spagnolo. Tuttavia, ho intenzione di raggiungere il livello c2 in tutte e tre le lingue nell’arco di 2 anni.

Credo di essere ad un buon punto con l’inglese!

Ammiro chi riesce a studiare più lingue contemporaneamente. Per quanto mi riguarda, invece, ho un fortissimo desiderio di connettermi completamente con la cultura di una determinata lingua e cercare di parlare la suddetta lingua nel modo più naturale possibile. In poche parole, punto a diventare come un nativo di quella lingua.

Ho intenzione di condividere con te tutto ciò che uso per raggiungere tale livello.

Questo non significa che non parlerò di altri tipi di lingue e culture. Al contrario, posterò ogni singola risorsa che reputerò utile, coinvolgente ed interessante, così come ho fatto quando ho parlato di Chinese Cubes non molto tempo fa. Inoltre, la mia madrelingua avrà un posto speciale in questo blog.  Da quando l’ho aperto ho conosciuto tanti studenti d’italiano simpaticissimi e non voglio deluderli. Ho in serbo così tante sorprese e non vedo l’ora di condividerle tutte con te!

Aspetta un momento… sono qui a parlare di sorprese per te, ma oggi è il mio compleanno! Non è giusto! Anch’io voglio una sorpresa! 😛 Se non puoi permetterti di comprare questo vestito per me, non preoccuparti, puoi rendermi felice lo stesso.

Mi impegno molto a gestire il blog, quindi apprezzerei tantissimo se condividessi su Facebook, Twitter, Google+  oppure ovunque tu voglia, un articolo che ti è piaciuto leggere. Sarebbe un regalo meraviglioso per un’occasione speciale come questa. Oh, ovviamente anche un voto per Runaway Daydreamer mi renderebbe felicissima!

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Chiara Grandola

Hey there! I'm Chiara, also known as Claire on the language learning community. I'm deeply in love with any form of art, different cultures and... guess what?! Yes, languages!

  • Lu

    Happy Birthday Claire! Best wishes for the realization of all your dreams! 🙂
    p.s. Nice dress, do you want a red carpet too? 😀

    • Of course I want it! 😀

      Thank you very much! ^___^

  • Buon compleanno, Claire! I wish you all the best and hope you have a lovely birthday. I completely agree with you about languages: I’d rather know a few very well than many at a not-so-high level. I also desire to have a native level in the languages I learn. I am obsessively working on my Russian accent because I want to sound native. 🙂

    Your English is very good, from what I’ve seen. You have a good command of writing it. Obviously I’ve never heard you speak before, but you’re probably decent at speaking if you’re this good at writing. 🙂

    • Grazie mille Natalie! You’re always so kind. I wish you the best as well! ^___^

      Unfortunately there’s a gap between my writing skills and my speaking ones, but I’m working on fixing that.
      I’m trying so hard to improve my pronunciation. We have a very similar approach to languages and we’re both so dedicated that I’m convinced we’ll succeed. Keep me posted on your progress with Russian! 😉

  • Happy birthday, Claire! Hope you had a lovely day. And good luck with achieving your goal! From what it appears, you’re well on your way. 🙂

    • Cám ơn rất nhiều (I hope it is correct, forgive me if it isn’t).

      I saw that you shared one of my articles on Twitter for my birthday. What can I say?
      I’m really grateful to have someone like you as a follower. You’ve been so nice and encouraging since the beginning, I wish I could thank you in person.

      This blog keeps me on track and it’s all thanks to readers like you.

      • Yes, that’s correct. 🙂
        Aw, you’ve made me blush!

  • Belated Happy Birthday, Claire.

    All the best with reaching your language goals before 25. 🙂

    • Thank you Donovan. I’m so honored to have you on my blog since I’m a huge fan of yours. You’re one of the best polyglots out there. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you around soon!

      I’m looking forward to read some updates about your Italian mission. 😉