10 Ways To Learn Mandarin Chinese


What’s the best way to learn Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese is always up there with Japanese, Arabic and Korean as one of the hardest languages to learn.

Beyond a doubt, it is a complex language to tackle, but it’s not as hard as you think, especially if you get off on the right foot.

You’ll certainly have a jump-start in learning Mandarin if you don’t waste your time with ineffective materials and tools.

That’s why I decided to share with you this infographic created by LearnMandarinNow.com. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Using our blog, we contacted 50+ bloggers and asked them about the resources they prefer to use when learning Chinese. The results of all of these ideas and suggestions can now be found in our colourful, informative Infographic and, now, we are happy to share details with you on Runaway Daydreamer.
Please take some time to review our Infographic as you can find out the most popular resources over 50 other bloggers use when learning Chinese, plus how many votes each resource received. You can also read: How to learn Chinese: amazing tips from 50+ top bloggers, one of our other articles.”

Don’t get sucked into the idea that Mandarin is an impossible language to master. It is far more different to English than most European languages are, but you’ll get great results as long as you are persistent, constant and motivated.  Try to increase your language and culture exposure until you get to the basic and become familiar with Mandarin Chinese and its characters. It is all downhill from here. You’ll just need to keep going.


Best Way To Learn Mandarin Chinese


Your turn: What are your top resources for learning Mandarin? Have you got any other suggestion for websites or apps that you like and use regularly? Share in the comments below!

Chiara Grandola

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  • Sili

    In my opinion,if you want to learn Chinese deeply,you have to learn its culture background first and then pinying and so many things.You will have a very long way to go and it’s hard to study Chinese by yourself. So I would recommend you learn in a Chinese language teaching school like hutong school, Hanbridge Mandarin, that’s mandarin etc. But if you just want to communicate with others in this language fluently,that will be much easier.I think the most important is you should blend in a native language environment.Frankly speaking,Chinese is really difficult for a foreigner.Only when you have passion,determination and perserverance can you find fun in learning Chinese and really learn it well.